The Front Step Project

April 16, 2020

2020 has been a bit of a roller coaster year. And like usual, in Saskatchewan, we get weather that feels like spring and then back to winter and then back to spring.  During the last week of March, our family spent a whole day enjoying the warm weather by raking the grass and playing with the sprinklers and a water table for the kids, but then we got freezing wind and snow to bring back a taste of winter.

But 2020 brought something different than expected then the usual ups and downs of weather, it brought us a new strain of the Coronavirus forcing many people around the world into isolation. It stopped people from traveling forcing people home early from holidays and eliminating just about all forms of in person connection. For some introverts this might be their ideal situation of being at home and not having to go out to visit with many people, but for extroverts such as myself, it was very difficult and continues to be difficult.  

Thankfully we live in a day where technology is fairly advanced and helps us stay connected even though we can’t see each other in person. I am on at least 1 to 3 ZOOM conference calls every day, either for work or with friends. We have FaceTime, Facebook messenger, text messages and other social media platforms; there are even apps where you can start a party to play games with your phone and video chat.  Yes it has been a difficult time, but it definitely hasn’t been an impossible time. I am very thankful for my friends and family and for technology that allows me to continue to see them.

There was something trending on Instagram and Facebook called #TheFrontStepProject. This is where a family or somebody would ask a photographer to come take a professional photo of them on the front step in front of their home and the photographer could stay socially distant while capturing this moment in time of isolation. Of course I’d like to jump on trends when possible so I took a few photos of friends and family doing the front step pose, and now we have these photos to remember this time in history in our lives where we were forced into isolation and forced to learn a new way to stay connected.

I very much look forward to this being over, as an extrovert, but I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have learnt new ways to stay connected new ways to grow with family and friends. I know it’s been a learning curve for me and others but I think these things only make us stronger. And stronger we have become!