About Us

Hi! I’m Dave, welcome to my site! I absolutely love making videos. I have been shooting, editing, and creating stories through video since I was a youth on an old tape recorder. 14 years later, and a ton of old footage that I hope no one ever sees, I graduated from film school, and drastically upgraded my equipment.

Today I now get to travel all over to shoot Weddings, Real Estate, Promotional Videos, Dance Recitals & Competition, even Birthday Party’s! Anything worth celebrating is worth recording, and I am totally loving it!

I live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. I have no problem traveling for work, in fact when I'm not shooting videos, I love to travel with my family. I have a super awesome wife who supports me in everything I do, and two little girls who absolutely adore their daddy. One of our favourite things to do is exploring the hidden gems of southern Saskatchewan! It’s easy to be in awe of traveling the world, but it’s much more rewarding discovering the beauty of your own community.

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